Dr Duduzile Ndlovu is an executive life coach, poet, speaker and an innovative researcher. 

 Dr Dudu coaches women who want to succeed in their academic pursuits to shift from chasing the elusive myth of balance while also deconstructing the hidden university curriculum to build a wholesome life.  She earned her PhD in 2017 at the University of Witwatersrand. Soon after she was awarded a prestigious Postdoctoral Fellowship at a top UK university. Dr Dudu accomplished all this without compromising on her aspirations to have a well rounded life which for her included having a partner and being a mother.  As a first generation university graduate Dr Dudu knows first hand the struggles not only of being a woman in academia but also of not having the cultural capital to navigate some of the taken for granted conventions of academic institutional cultures. She believes that the only thing that should stop a woman’s accomplishment is her choice. Which motivates her to work with women who want to succeed.

Dr Dudu’s currently works as an independent researcher and specialises in qualitative arts based research methods that are well placed for community engagement and to give voice to the marginalised. She is passionate about making research meaningful and useful for local communities. This is what drives her to find innovative ways to engage people and communities so they can influence research agendas. She believes this is one way to practically decolonise research and make it more beneficial for all involved. Dr Ndlovu has been invited to give public lectures in Germany and the USA. She is an accomplished, captivating and inspiring speaker. 

Dr Dudu was born and spent the formative years of her life in the quiet city of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. After earning her first degree in Environmental Science and Health, from the National University of Science and Technology in the same city in 2004.  Dr Dudu worked in rural development where her passion for working with people blossomed.  As the country’s economic decline continued Dr Dudu became one of the many who left her country of birth in search of better opportunities. She found meaning in academic work exploring the many migration trajectories of people on the African continent. She graduated with a Masters in Forced Migration and her PhD from the University of the Witwatersrand. Dr Dudu also holds a certificate in Doctoral Student Supervision from the University of Stelebosch and a certificate in Executive and Business coaching from the University of Cape Town. 

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